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                Research strategy

                "Research" and "Innovation" is the motive power of our company rapid development. With frontier technology to lead the product innovation, introduce advanced technology, combined with our own advantages, use the advanced technology to armed products, improve product quality.

                Henan Recycling Technology insists the principle that 8% of sales revenue as a company R & D funding to ensure that R & D capital investment.

                Henan Recycling Technology adheres to carry out academic exchanges, technical cooperation with many well known R$D institutions and universities, established long-term, close technical cooperation.

                Henan Recycling Technology adheres to innovative team building, innovation platform building, while focusing on personnel training and reserves.

                Research strategy
                Technical team

                Technical team

                The technical team includes R & D team, technical service team. Technical team has many excellent mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, automation engineers and many other senior technical R & D engineers, and cooperates with a number of universities and research institutions, to carry out new products, new technology research and development, obtained numbers of patents. The technical team is also responsible for the innovation team and innovation platform building and personnel training and reserves. R & D team includes the intelligent crushing equipment development center, intelligent monitoring system development center, intelligent dust suppression system development center.

                Intelligent crushing equipment development center is mainly for the research and development of intelligent solid waste crushing equipment and intelligent waste crushing production line; intelligent monitoring system development center is for the research of crushing production system, research and develop the intelligent monitoring system based on the Internet of things; intelligent dust suppression system development center is for the research and development of mine, power plant intelligent dust suppression equipment and system.

                Technical service team according to customer needs to provide professional technology and programs, to meet the user's personalized needs. Tracking customer application, solve the application problem timely, provide technical improvements and optimization programs.

                Cooperative organization

                Since our company establishment, Henan Recycling Technology cooperated with Zhejiang University, Zhengzhou University, Henan University of Technology, Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute and other well known domestic institutions and university to carry out academic exchanges, established a long-term and close technical cooperation.

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