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                China's commitment to green development

                post time:2020-10-21
                On April 26,2018, the Eleven International Symposium on metal recycling applications in China and the sixth and Third General Meeting of the China Scrap Steel Application Association were held at the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. More than 500 delegates from home and abroad attended the conference.
                The conference sent us a great deal of information. China's iron and steel industry has changed from high-speed growth  to high-quality development, and the green development of the Iron and steel industry is the primary task of national industrial development. It is estimated that by 2020, the social stock of iron and steel will reach 10 billion tons, and the output of scrap steel will reach 200 million tons. At present, China's iron and steel excess capacity, deepen the supply-side structural reform, in the work of capacity reduction, structural adjustment to pay a huge price to keep the smooth operation of the Iron and steel industry is still an important task for industrial development. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will continue to strictly implement and supervise the admission conditions for scrap steel processing in the future.
                There is only one earth on which man can live. Sustainable Development and recycling of resources are the common themes of sound economic development in all countries. China renewable technology has long focused on the research, development and manufacturing of environmental protection equipment. Nearly 50 years of intensive industry, has formed a rich and complete product system. Over the years, we have continued to drive innovation, rely on core technology and product advantages, exceed traditional product R & D and manufacturing thinking mode, play a leading enterprise role, and build industrial cooperation platform of industrial cluster. Innovation, cross-border, joint, and many industry leaders to create a healthy and sustainable industry ecology.
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