SCL600 scrap crusher

                SCL600 scrap crusher

                Application areas:

                Scrap cars, whole body or squashed body, body disassembled parts, etc.
                Thin and light materials with a density not greater than 1t/m³ after shearing or packing
                Household appliances: such as old washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, color steel tiles, etc.
                Used motorcycles, electric vehicles, bicycles and body parts, etc.
                Discarded cans, paint buckets, waste aluminum (remove liquid, paint, etc.)
                Scrap iron sheet, scrap steel, scrap iron, old metal, etc.

                Product introduction

                Scrap steel is the only alternative to iron ore in the production of raw materials, development and utilization of scrap steel resources is iron and steel industry to achieve energy saving and emission reduction, clean production, recycling economy, an important way to ease the iron ore crisis. China's current scrap recycling rate of only 19.9%, well below the world average of 48.3%. The development trend of scrap disposal is to develop new scrap comprehensive treatment technology by using new technologies such as environmental protection and mechatronics.
                The scrap production lines of Tom Lee Machinery are able to automatically strip the dust and paint on the scrap, mainly for the thin sheet of mixed low-quality sheet steel scrap, automobile body, bicycle, household appliance, waste oil drum and other scrap Crushing, rolling, sorting, purification, direct access to the smelting of high-quality steel scrap, "fine material."

                Product advantages

                ● adaptable to the material
                ● Hydraulic adaptive shaping system
                ● super impact crusher capacity of the rotor
                ● crushing technology of packing materials
                ● Automatic exclusion of non-breakable materials
                ● super attack, swallow nesting ability, high production efficiency
                ● high equipment operation rate, low maintenance costs
                ● production process efficiency, low consumption, clean, high degree of automation
                ● Non-ferrous metals, steel, non-metallic automatic sorting recovery technology
                ● semi-wet multi-stage dust removal system, the production process clean and environmentally friendly
                ● stripping dust, paint and other impurities, to achieve "concentrate" into the furnace

                Technical parameter

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