Q91Y-800 Guillotine shear

                Q91Y-800 Guillotine shear

                Application areas:

                Light and thin steel production and life scrap, scrap car shell, light metal structure large parts made of steel

                Product introduction

                This type of gantry scissors is suitable for one-time shearing and crushing of various waste plates, bars, ferroalloy furnace charges, special plates, ship plates, automobiles, metal briquettes, iron chips and other scrap steel from ship breaking factories. Cutting all kinds of low-carbon and light-weight production and life scrap steel, scrap car shell, steel made light metal structural large pieces and profiles into scrap that meets the furnace charge. The gantry type shear machine adopts hydraulic electric hybrid automatic intelligent control, which has the advantages of saving labor, high automation, high efficiency and large shearing capacity. Under the environment of increasing labor cost, it has economic benefits It is the best choice to replace the crocodile type hydraulic shear. It is an ideal equipment for steel mills, nonferrous metal smelting industry, precision casting industry and raw material manufacturers.

                Product advantages

                1. The hydraulic gantry shear adopts hydraulic transmission. Compared with the mechanical transmission shear, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, small inertia, low noise, stable operation, convenient and flexible operation, large shear section and convenient adjustment of scissors mouth. It is safe to operate and easy to realize overload protection.
                2. The hydraulic gantry shear has the functions of manual, automatic and remote control, and the operation and control is convenient and simple. The shear opening can be started and stopped at any position in the working process, and the size of the shear opening can be controlled arbitrarily according to the size of the material to be cut, so as to obtain economic working benefits.
                3. The hydraulic gantry shears are designed with fast speed. Without increasing the motor power and oil pump displacement, the speed keeps fast under the condition of (about 400-1600 tons), and it will automatically change the speed when cutting larger materials. The original shear force is restored, and the work efficiency is nearly doubled.

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