Ss40100 single roll fine crusher

                Ss40100 single roll fine crusher

                Application areas:

                Waste tire wood waste packaging paper
                Cardboard and other paper waste copper core
                Aluminum core cable and composite material cable carpet
                Labor protection clothing and other chemical fiber products
                Industrial solid waste glass fiber products and other composite materials
                Domestic waste, waste plastics and other solid wastes

                Product introduction

                SS40100 single roller fine crusher is a new upgraded version of fine crusher with single shaft "motor + reducer" drive design, providing large shear force and ensuring high crushing efficiency. It is widely used in resource regeneration, RDF (household refuse derived fuel), plastic treatment, garbage treatment and other fields. It has the characteristics of small discharge particle size, replaceable screen, wide applicability and high efficiency.

                Product advantages

                1. Hydraulic auxiliary structure, convenient maintenance and overhaul
                The twist arm type hydraulic pressure device can push the materials to the crushing area smoothly and effectively; the hydraulic auxiliary access door, hydraulic auxiliary screen opening and closing structure are opened by one key, which greatly facilitates the replacement, repair and maintenance of the cutter and screen.
                2. Screen can be replaced independently, reduce maintenance cost
                Combined screen structure design, can be replaced independently according to the use situation, effectively reducing the maintenance cost.
                3. Independent moving knife, which can be disassembled and installed independently
                Each moving knife can be disassembled and installed independently, which can be quickly disassembled in a short time, greatly reducing the workload of workers and improving the continuity of production.

                Technical parameter

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