Recovery and Recycling Application of Broken Bridge Aluminum


                Material: Insulated broken bridge aluminum profile, insulated aluminum alloy profile, broken bridge aluminum alloy, broken cold and hot bridge profile, broken bridge aluminum-plastic composite profile

                Equipment output: 1-20T/H

                Application field: Aluminum metal recycling and processing

                Device Configuration: Shredder, crusher, vibrating feeder, roller screen, eddy current, dust removal system

                Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are also called insulated broken bridge aluminum profiles, insulated aluminum alloy profiles, broken bridge aluminum alloys, broken cold and hot bridge profiles, and broken bridge aluminum-plastic composite profiles. For the recycling process, we use broken bridge aluminum A complete set of crushing and sorting equipment, including two sets of broken bridge aluminum crusher and broken bridge aluminum door and window sorting equipment. First, use a broken bridge aluminum door and window shredder to crush waste and old broken bridge aluminum scraps, so that the plastic strips inside will fall off, and then use the broken bridge aluminum sorting machine to produce high-frequency crossovers on the surface of the sorting magnetic roller. When the conductive non-ferrous aluminum passes through the magnetic field, an eddy current is induced in the non-ferrous aluminum. The eddy current itself generates a magnetic field opposite to the original magnetic field. Non-ferrous metals (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) ) Will leap forward along its conveying direction due to the repulsive force of the magnetic field, achieving separation from other non-metallic substances and achieving the purpose of separation.


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